Download Equinox Blueprint: Learning 2030

We are convinced that moving toward this vision of learning, developed by education innovators from 6 continents, will help to shape a world filled with creative, confident, and adaptable young leaders capable of addressing the challenges of a complex and fast-changing society. Exemplar schools already in place testify that this need not cost more than today’s educational system – and society will reap immense benefits. The world could make no smarter investment, and the time to invest is now.

Contribute your experience to the Living Learning 2030 Blueprint at learning2030.org – an interactive, online experience where learners, teachers, and communities from around the world can share their stories and plans for change, and discuss common issues, and support one another in the ongoing process of bringing about change to transforming high school education.


Download Equinox Blueprint: Learning 2030


Learning 2030 Summit Curator Michael Brooks discusses the vision of high school education put forward in Equinox Blueprint: Learning 2030 with Summit participants Christine McWebb and Zainab Ramahi.

Recap Equinox Summit: Learning 2030.

Download Equinox Blueprint: Learning 2030

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